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Don't Be Selfish by yuumei Don't Be Selfish :iconyuumei:yuumei 30,522 7,755 Vanorama Autumn by Laurazee Vanorama Autumn :iconlaurazee:Laurazee 73 10 Open your eyes by ArtOfNightSky Open your eyes :iconartofnightsky:ArtOfNightSky 546 64 Daria meadow by francoclun Daria meadow :iconfrancoclun:francoclun 3,361 1,110 Wayfarers by Sergiba Wayfarers :iconsergiba:Sergiba 965 102 Dreamseeker by windfalcon Dreamseeker :iconwindfalcon:windfalcon 2,290 112
Society Is Ugly.
Society is ugly.
Not you.
Beauty is defined by
How you act.
Not by the number on the
Starving doesn't work.
Purging doesn't work.
Pills don't work.
The girl you see
In the mirror is
Just the way she is
Don't get upset because
You don't match up
To the media's
Cutting won't work.
Crying won't work.
Dying won't work.
Remember this:
Society is ugly.
Not you.
:iconsteeephanie:Steeephanie 1,532 708
Memory is like the tide,
It swells and ebbs;
It's free and wide,
Yet ridden with dregs.
At times it's calm—
Soothing and sweet;
Like a tender balm,
A gentle beat.
It's violent, too—
Coarse and bitter;
Like a vicious coup,
A cruel winter.
In it, I do bask,
Adrift in my mind;
I need only ask
To be lost in time.
:iconscarletdevil1503:ScarletDevil1503 255 95
Grow Up
When I was young,
I knew a girl.
She was so warm and bright,
so I asked her that question
that all children must answer.
'What do you want to be
when you grow up?'
Her eyes lit up with joy
and she jumped with excitement.
'A dancer!
No, an astronaut!
Wait, President!
A scientist!
I'll be famous
and in movies!
My name
will be everywhere!'

She listed so many more
until she finally just smiled
and looked at me with eyes filled
with child-like wonder.
'I could be anything I wanted.'
Years and years later,
I saw the same girl again
but her eyes no longer
lit up with wonder.
I asked her,
'What did you end up being?'
She smiled the hollow smile
that adults have when talking to the young.
'Not what I wanted to be
when I was young.'

Nothing more was said on the matter
but I could see that there was no more wonder
in the eyes that once shone so brightly.
:iconoilux:Oilux 1,342 328
What's Not Being Said
I heard you sigh
but at the time
I didn't say a word;
I saw you cry
but didn't know
your voice was so unheard.
I felt you break
but truly thought
I shouldn't be around;
For my own sake
I should have fought
to keep your feelings sound.
Please, listen to what's not being said.
:iconscarletdevil1503:ScarletDevil1503 525 85
I am gay.
I'm not a disease, I'm not a problem
I'm not an affliction
I don't need treatment.
I don't need help
I'm not sick
I'm not confused
I'm not a sin.
I am gay.
I'm your daughter
Your sister
Your friend
Your co worker
Your classmate
Your acquaintance
A complete stranger
I am gay.
I need love, just like you
I need smiles
I need support
I need a hug
I need a friend
I need a family
I need acceptance
I need understanding
I need you
I am gay.
I know what love is
I know what pain is
I know what hate is
I know what life is
I am gay.
And I need you to love me
The same way you loved me before you knew
I am gay.
And I have experienced hate
From more people than just you
I am gay.
And I wont change.
I wont give up.
I wont back down.
I wont pretend.
I wont lie.
I wont deny.
I wont hide.
I wont hurt.
I am gay.
And that's okay.
:iconplaid-rose:Plaid-Rose 10,106 7,488
Fire and Water at Play by DragonsAndBeasties Fire and Water at Play :icondragonsandbeasties:DragonsAndBeasties 5,620 328 Creation by sakimichan Creation :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 29,155 1,068
How did you get those scars?
And I asked her,
"Do you remember
why I counted tiles-
sat in silence for hours,
wishing on the black holes
in my pockets?"
Stuttering against quiet delusions,
She bit a vintage tongue.
I tried to bury myself alive that night,
just to engrave the taste of rose thorn monsters
between the cracks of my glass skin."
Licking dry lips,
She asked to taste them.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 980 245
Collection Tangled Part 2 by B-AGT Collection Tangled Part 2 :iconb-agt:B-AGT 3,478 260


Yesterday I came back from vacation :D it was great.
My friend invited me to come with her to Friesland (the Netherlands), so I went with her. We went wind surfing which is really fun and we just relaxed. Sadly it was pretty cold and rainy but ow well, we had fun.
I'm going to add some new pictures and hopefully scan some drawings this afternoon :)



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